Subway Surfers, one of my favourite games ever support on Android, iPhone, and iPad,  i could spend hours playing this game, and I’m curious what is the highest score of this game, What is the highest score ever made in subway surfer history??? hmmm, when i’ve joined on Subway Surfers Leaderboard Page Fan the higgest score is  16.350.070 and they have no cheat for highest score, if your highest score more than 16.350.070  just post on the wall 😉

Subway Surfers Leaderboard
Subway Surfers Leaderboard


This is Tips For Beginer :

1. Do not rush to boost scores
2. Complete mission one by one
3. the score will be multiplied by the levels you’ve completed the mission.
4. Happy Surfing,: D

Subway Surfers Leaderboard
Subway Surfers Leaderboard

Download this game from Google Play & Apple Store

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